Long Term Care

Why Antibiotic Stewardship?

According to CDC the stats below are creating an URGENCY or CALL TO ACTION:

What should we do?

According to CMS Long Term Care Facilities are being charged with creating a system for: 


  - Preventing

  - Indentifying 

  - Reporting

  - Investigating

  - Controlling


Infections both for the individual resident and facility-wide.


Click here to see the full CMS ruling :




How do we do this ?

 PLS Scientific takes a 3 tiered approach providing Long Term Care facilities with a plan of action for a successful ABS Program:






Semi Annually 

This allows our facilities to quantify an appropriate antibiogram for all their facilities and residents. Our Infection Preventionist (IP) Nurse will go to each facility to perform these test on a quarterly basis.

New Admissions

This allows the antibiogram to stay relevant and accurate for each facility. Specimens for these residents can be captured by our Infection Preventionist (IP) Nurse or the facility staff.


PLS performs UTI, URI, and Wound test for all residents that present with symptoms. Specimens for these residents must be capture by facility staff, package and shipped according to instructions with material provided.